Here for You

Professors’ and students’ lives have been turned upside down as a result of what’s going on with the Coronavirus pandemic. Courses which have traditionally been taught in the classroom with maybe some online components are now completely virtual. We empathize with professors who are being thrown into an online environment without much help.

That’s why now was the right time to start this blog and create a series of podcasts. What is written/recorded here isn’t perfect and hasn’t been put through the rounds of review our textbook goes through. But this is timely. And it is an effort to help bring the current situation in the world into your classroom in a way that you can easily share with students and incorporate in your coursework in an online environment.

We hope these posts and podcasts do the job to help in this unprecedented time. And we want to hear from you if there’s more we can be doing, or if there’s something specific you’d like us to cover. Please reach out at our contact page!